Friday, August 13, 2010

A brief history of myhobby is the reult of me trying to solve two problems in my life.

Firstly I am always looking for new things to do or take part in. Whether physical activities or something more artsy I always found it hard to find something new, or get information on thing I would be interested in. I moved a few times with jobs and each time you do so you start the search again. Football clubs, rugby clubs, creative writing classes, or maybe just something to do for the weekend.

The second problem I have had is that upon joining clubs, I have seen how difficult it is to reach out to potential members. You can be lost in search engines and page rank wars and not every group has the resources or time to spend doing up websites and distributing posters.

So then came The answer to my problems. I developed it over a long time tweaking and changing until I have found something I think can be really useful to groups as well as people searching. offers:
  • dedicated search by category and subcategory
  • search by location
On top of this for groups it offers a set of unique club/group management tools which allow you to:
  • post updates about the group
  • add events to your personal calendar for members to see
  • create galleries
  • start a forum, public or private for members only
  • store a list of contacts and send mails to your contacts from myhobby
  • create league tables
  • post news items
All of these are a great and simple way to manage your club and hopefully attract that killer striker for you soccer team or a new sniper for your paintball team. Give it a go and feedback is always welcome!

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